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 Michèle Bayar

L'amour des livres...

All in English !

All in English !

The grandmother :

This summer, I invited my grandaugther to spend the holidays with me. She is fourteen years old and she is a pretty girl. But actually she was like a zombie all the time. She slept until twelve and then, she went from the bed to the couch, playing her video games or watching tv. In the evening, she got up suddenly and wanted to go out and dance all night with her friends !

Then, I had a great Idea. I suggested to her that she should learn English with me for a little while each day and, if she agreed, I promised to go out with her in the evening. Of course, she agreed.

The grandaugther :

This summer, my gradma seemed to be a nice woman but she behaved like a witch. She obliged me to get up early and do maths exercises and learn English during my holiday ! First, I said no because it was my holiday. But I wanted to go out in the evening and so I agreed. After the first lesson, I had a good Idea. I suggested we speak English together all day hoping to punish her.

Both :

Oh ! My God. All in English ! I ‘m so tired !...

(Article from Michèle Bayar and Flora Thuilliez. The both thank Rakshenda Faizi to her corrections)

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I enjoyed every bit... I thought it was soooo funny nonetheless so true indeed! <br /> I could see my own son.<br /> Cheers.<br /> Pascale.
Oh my God !!!!!<br /> La tu m'as scotchée ma belle<br /> <br /> Se you later !!!<br /> Love love